Your healthcare needs direct to you


1.How quickly will the products be delivered? 

Delivery is dependent on where the client lives:

  • within 2 working days in metropolitan, regional and rural areas,
  • within 3 working days in remote areas

When an item is unavailable, the client will be notified at the time of ordering and the InTouch Direct DVA Healthcare Consultant will provide an estimated arrival date. For further details about delivery timeframes to your area, please ask your In Direct DVA Healthcare Consultant.

2. Will products be delivered in discreet boxes?

On request products will be discreetly wrapped and packaged in non-identifying boxes, so your client can be assured of their privacy. Please ensure that you request discreet wrapping by mentioning it to your InTouch Direct Healthcare Consultant when ordering over the phone, or note this preference on the Direct Order form. Discreet wrapping can be requested for individual orders or for all future orders. 

3. Are samples available?

Samples of disposable products can be requested and sent t your client to trial before completing a Direct Order Form (limits apply). Contact your InTouch Direct Healthcare Consultant to arrange a sample by phone, fax, email or online. Products can be viewed online here

Samples are recommended to assist in prescribing the correct product prior to the Direct Order Form being sent to InTouch Direct.

4.How do I read the capacity of a product?

There are currently two ways to measure the capacity of pads, children’s nappies and absorbent pants. This catalogues lists the total capacity for all products approved under the DVA RAP

  • Total capacity refers to the amount a product would absorb and hold it if it were to submerged in water
  • Working capacity is a measure that suggests how much liquid the item would holder normal wear conditions without leaking. The working capacity is generally abo9ut two thirds the amount of liquid that the total capacity would hold.

5. What happens if a product is fault damaged or the wrong product has been delivered?

Notify InTouch Direct of any incorrect or damaged products within 14days of delivery and ascertain a return goods number

  • If a product is faulty InTouch Direct will confirm the return address when the fault is reported and the product will be replaced
  • If damaged foods are received the product will be replaced
  • If incorrect goods are received InTouch Direct will arrange for the products to be returned (they must be unopened and undamaged)m and the correct products will be delivered.                                                  

6.Can I change the delivery address?

If products need to be delivered anywhere other than the usual address, simply notify InTouch Direct at the time of the order, if shopping online, edit the address when checking out the order.

7. Can I request education for my staff?

InTouch Direct provides education and support through your local InTouch Direct representative. To arrange a visit or education session you can email your InTouch Direct representative from the website or you can request assistance by calling 1800 382 727