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Nutrition and Health

Your nutritional needs direct to you


Intouch Direct has a variety of brands accross nutrition and vitamins to assist with dietary management and general health and wellness. The nutritional range we stock can assist with a variety of dietary conditions including loss of appetite (causing involuntary weight and muscle loss), low sodium, and those with fluid restrictions.


Our vitamins range can help you with bone and joint issues including arthritic pain, magnesium deficiency, cold and flu prevention, urinary tract infection, prostate and digestive health.


Shop online for brands such as Abbott Ensure®. Ensure® is a source of nutrition for adults, helps build muscle and strength lost over time, and improve digestive tract health. Ensure® is available through Intouch Direct in a variety of ready to drink shakes, puddings and in powder forms. Click here to purchase.


Nestle Resource® ThickenUp® range helps to support hydration in dysphagia.





Always read the label and use only as directed. 

If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.




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Nutrition and Hydration


Support Hydration in Dysphagia with Resource® ThickenUp® Hydration. 

Resource® ThickenUp® Clear can make almost all food or beverage thicker without altering the taste.





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Abbott Ensure range


Intended for oral consumption, for use as a supplement between meals. Comes in convenient sizes.


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Your vitamin needs covered


For a large range of vitamin supplements to assist with bone health, fibre intake, digestive health including urinary tract infections, cold & flu prevention.